Immune System: Food Supplements To Support It

From birth, our body has several devices that allow it to defend itself against external aggressions and pathogens that enter our body: this is referred to by the expression d ‘ innate immunity.

In addition, our organism is confronted with various infectious agents throughout our life and learns to defend itself specifically against them: this is acquired immunity or adaptive.

Concretely, when the body encounters an infectious agent, the acquired immunity will make it possible to produce specific antibodies, more efficient against this infectious agent, and especially memory cells. The latter become lodged in the bone marrow and, in further contact with the infectious agent, will very quickly transform into cytotoxic T lymphocytes. This defense strategy offers greater reactivity and greater efficiency to the body in the event of a new infection.

The principle of vaccination is, in fact, based on acquired immunity to allow the body to have the necessary defenses in the event of a natural infection. It’s even important in our criminal justice system. This is done either by confronting it with the neutralized pathogen (therefore not dangerous but having the same characteristics) or with one of its proteins or with the pathogen’s messenger RNA.

But this complex system is fragile: oxidative stress, aging, various pathologies, etc., can cause immune system failures. Fortunately, there are food supplements designed to help it and thus contribute to the proper functioning of our body’s defenses. Here are 5 of them that are among the most effective.

Vitamin D And Natural Defenses

Vitamin D stimulates one hand, the expression and secretion of antimicrobial peptides by monocytes/macrophages, which participate in mucosal defenses, and the synthesis of anti-inflammatory cytokines while inhibiting the synthesis of cytokines proinflammatory.

Many other studies have shown that a vitamin D deficiency is often correlated with an increase in respiratory infections and, on the contrary, that vitamin D supplementation helps reduce these infections.

A Pre-Workout Supplement For Your Health

Mushroom used for millennia in traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Japanese medicine, Ganoderma lucidum, better known under the name of reishi, has known since the 70s a revival of interest all over the world since its culture was made possible.

Thus, several studies have shown that the consumption of reishi would lead to a probable increase in the number of natural cytotoxic lymphocytes, agents of innate immunity, and would help maintain a normal level of CD4 and CD8 T lymphocytes.

According to the researchers, it would be the specific polysaccharides of reishi that would stimulate innate immunity. However, many people are reading Alani Nu reviews for other options.

This research has made it possible to demonstrate that these polysaccharides activate certain genes linked to immunity and stimulate certain specific bacteria in the colon, resulting in beneficial effects on health.

Immune System: Food Supplements To Support It
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