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While CDC staff head across the country and around the world to battle Ebola, staff at CDC headquarters are working feverishly to make sure those very responders are safe and prepared for their public health mission.

One of the critical tasks is making sure they know how to safely put on and take off their personal protective equipment, or PPE.

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LCDR Bryan Christensen recently deployed to Lagos, Nigeria, as part of a nine member CDC team.  The group is assisting with efforts to manage the recent Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa.  LCDR Christensen has been involved training Nigerian environmental health officers who perform decontamination on Ebola infected areas.

This section contains three components that may be useful for officers during all phases of deployments.

1) Pre-deployment.
This compnent includes a Basic Readiness Compliance Checklist and Environmental Health Officer Utilization Handbook.

2) During the actual deployment.
This component includes the complete content of the Environmental Health Officers Deployment Resource DVD.

3) Post deployment.
This component includes Lessons Learned, and Archives of EHO Deployment Stories.


The Readiness Subcommittee consists of elected Public Health Service officers and Civil Service members who meet monthly to achieve the outcomes of their annual work plan.


The Environmental Health Readiness (EHR) Subcommittee serves as a resource to develop and disseminate guidance related to emergency readiness and deployment. The primary goal is to help prepare USPHS Environmental Health Officers for successful deployments during emergency response to disasters and other natural or manmade public health emergencies. In addition to serving the needs of Environmental Health Officers, the Subcommittee acts as an information resource for the Chief Environmental Health Officer, the Office of the Surgeon General, other professional categories and other Federal, State local and international environmental health responders.


Response Narratives

Response Narratives and Deployment Experiences