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EHO PACE Program

PHS APFT Certificate of Excellence (PACE) Program

Pick up the PACE!

The PHS APFT Certificate of Excellence or PACE Program, is designed to standardize the way PHS officers complete their annual physical fitness test (AFPT).   Currently officers can utilize either the APFT or Presidential Challenge programs to maintain basic readiness.  This program was developed to encourage officers to transition to the APFT by recognizing those officers who initially pass the APFT, increase their fitness level, or achieve level 4 fitness.  All EHOs are encouraged to participate in the EHO PACE Program. It’s easy and a good way to show your commitment to the Corps.

So how do you enter the EHO PACE Program?

It is really simple, first you practice and pass your APFT.

How to apply for an EHO PACE certificate:

  1. Complete Form PHS-7044. (http://ccrf.hhs.gov/ccrf/Forms/Fillable_PHS-7044.pdf) Save an electronic copy of the form.  Afterwards, mail the hard copy original signed form PHS-7044 to MAB at 8455 Colesville Road/ Suite 910/Silver Spring, Maryland 20857-0001.
  2. Enter your results into Direct Access (https://portal.direct-access.us/). (Direct Access > Self Service > Physical Fitness). Make an electronic copy of the Physical Fitness Summary screen (e.g., take a screenshot, convert the webpage into PDF, or print and scan). (Resources (http://dcp.psc.gov/CCMIS/DA_resources.aspx) for navigating Direct Access).
  1. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots (you will need JavaScript enabled to view it).  Please enter the following information:
    • Subject: "Attn: [Type of EHO PACE application, i.e., 1st Time, Level Increase, or Level 4]"
    • Body: Rank; First name; Last name; Agency
    • Please attach a scanned copy of the signed form PHS-7044, and a screen shot of your the Direct Access Physical Fitness Summary screen

Once the EHO PACE working group has reviewed and processed your submission, an EHO PACE Award will be emailed to you.

What do you get from the EHO PACE program?

Officers who complete the first time APFT with a level of 1-4, or improve their last physical fitness level, or maintain a level 4 fitness level will receive an PACE award certificate.  Recipients will be recognized on the EHO PACE Award Recipient page, which will be maintained on the EHOPAC website, updates will be posted on a quarterly basis.

So my fellow EHOs I encourage you all to join me in entering the EHO PACE Program. Let’s pick up the PACE!

CAPT Alan Parham, EHO CPO