OSense O-Sense


Eligible members are readiness qualified PHS commissioned corps officers belonging to the EHO Category serving on active or on active reserve duty or their civil service counterparts. Participation of state and local environmental health practitioners as ad hoc or advisory members to the Subcommittee is encouraged. Subcommittee members are selected to represent a variety of Agencies/Operating Divisions and technical areas relating to general environmental health, food safety, industrial hygiene/occupational health, hazardous materials and safety. Members must also possess a vast knowledge of emergency deployments and have successfully participated in a number of deployments either through their agency or the Office of Force Readiness and Deployment. Every effort will be made to ensure a good mixture of rank/grade, gender, ethnic background and geographic representation when selecting incoming members. The Subcommittee will be chaired by a member of the EHOPAC appointed by the EHOPAC Chairperson.



From time to time, the Subcommittee has a need for non-voting volunteers to assist with special projects. If you would like to be considered for volunteer opportunities, please submit an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.that describes your background and experiences.



At this time the subcommittee does not have vacancies. Click here for an application. Applications will be retained for consideration in future vacancies. Notifications of vacancies will be sent out on the EHOPAC listserve.