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Deployment Teams

The Office of Force Readiness and Deployment (OFRD) has been charged with developing, training, and maintaining the PHS response teams. Environmental Health Officers can serve on any PHS team as long as they have the capabilities required; however, Environmental Health Officers typically serve on either the Rapid Deployment Force (RDF) or Applied Public Health Teams (APHT). A complete list and description of PHS teams can be located on OFRD's website [http://ccrf.hhs.gov/ccrf/current%20teams.htm].

Primary differences between the two deployment roles as they relate to Environmental Health Officers are provided below. Officers not on a PHS team are considered to be Tier 3 Officers; when activated, these officers will typically augment either an RDF or an APHT.

RDF- A Tier 1 team, ready to deploy in 12 hours. Primary areas of activities include mass care, point of distribution operations, medical surge, isolation and quarantine, pre-hospital triage and treatment, community outreach and assessment, and humanitarian assistance.

APHT- A Tier 2 team, ready to deploy in 36 hours. Primary areas of activities include epidemiology/surveillance, preventive (medical) services delivery, environmental public health (air, water, wastes, vectors, food, safety, shelter, industrial hygiene, etc.)