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The Readiness Subcommittee conducted a survey during February 2014 to determine primary Environmental Health Officer (EHO) domestic deployment roles, equipment and supplies utilized during deployments, adequacy of existing deployment guidance, and training needs. Respondents completed the survey based on their most recent Office of Force Readiness and Deployment (OFRD) domestic deployment.

Survey Report - PDF: 12 pages, 350 KB

Lessons Learned

Archives of EHO Deployment stories

Click here to view the International Deployment Survey (PDF: 228 KB, 13 pages).

A survey of EHOs who have participated in global humanitarian and disaster response missions was administered during the fall of 2009 in order to capture information useful to future deploying EHOs.

Click here to view EHOs in the 2004 Hurricane Response (PDF: 1.6 MB, 24 pages).

The role of the Environmental Health Officer in support of state health department operations was a crucial and successful component in the USPHS response.

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